Justick International’s unique line of message, dry erase whiteboards, displays and signage products – winners of numerous global innovation awards – recently added another distinction to its growing list of accomplishments. Office Products International (OPI) – the global business products resource – has selected Justick’s unique “Triple Function” line of Electro Adhesion powered whiteboards as a finalist in its North American Office Products Award for Best Core Office Product category and is nominated for the People’s Choice Award for 2015.


The People’s Choice is an award chosen from all the NAOPA products categories. These are all exceptional products selected by an expert panel of judges out of hundreds of entries. The winner will be announced at the SP Richards’ ABC gala dinner in Las Vegas on the 24th of June.


Justick’s unique “Triple Function” dry erase whiteboards combine the patented Justick Electro Adhesion surface with a Clear Overlay. Justick “Triple Function” Whiteboards allow users to – 1. Write – and use as a regular whiteboard 2. Display – lift the clear overlay and place materials on the Electro Adhesion surface 3. Interact – using wet or dry erase markers write over the displayed material without damaging the originals. You can easily customize the Justick whiteboard using free templates available at www.justick.com, or you can create your own.


“We’re thrilled to have our line of Justick Whiteboards nominated as a finalist for NAOPA’s Best Core Office Product and the People’s Choice competition. It’s really an honor for a young and growing company like Justick to have its products competing with the likes of 3M, Fellowes, Newell Rubbermaid and other well established leaders in the office products industry” said Dr Gerhard Ferreira, Justick International’s CEO. “We’re proud of both the trade and consumer reaction to our patented Electro Adhesion technology – which eliminates the need for any sticky adhesives, pins, tape, magnets, etc. This allows Justick message boards, whiteboards, displays and signs to easily hold materials without any damaging holes from pins/tacks or residue from glue/tape.”


“This achievement marks another important step for our Company’s expansion as we secure greater exposure in North America” added Ferreira. Justick products are enjoying global success and are available throughout Asia, Europe, Africa, South America, New Zealand and Australia


All Justick products employ the internationally patented Electro Adhesion technology, which uses either (4) AA batteries or an optional A/C adapter to power the boards. Justick’s unique Electro Adhesion surface holds all grades of paper, photos, cards, brochures and other flat materials, making it easy to move/reposition items without damaging them.


Here’s a short video explaining https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVeE1j5cdPw [Justick Patented Electro-Adhesion Technology], reviewing the Justick product line and demonstrating the unique https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04di75p3EaA [Justick Triple Function dry erase whiteboards]


The Justick range of products is suitable for use in multiple settings including – offices, schools/universities, ad agencies, hospitals/clinics/pharmacies, retail stores, banks – and of course, the home. Applications for Justick products are virtually limitless – from professional and home offices, conference rooms, desktops, trade shows/exhibitions, kitchens, bedrooms – and more. They’re perfect for displaying presentations, notices, photos, cards, notes, artwork, to-do lists, brainstorming ideas, etc.


“Our marketing partner – the CLOR Group (Oak Brook, IL) – manages US distribution for Justick in the Office Products channel and is pursuing licensing opportunities for the Electro Adhesion technology in various market sectors including Office Furniture, Automotive, Toys, Store Displays and Appliances” explained Ferreira.


About Justick International

Justick has developed and engineered the patented Electro Adhesion technology to simplify workflow while promoting creativity, collaboration and productivity. Justick products are used by both individuals and corporations including – Bank of America, Xerox, Warner Bros, Pfizer and more. Winners of the acclaimed Xerox Innovation Award, Justick continues expanding their current line of products to fulfil creative and professional needs across the globe. More information about Justick International is available at www.clorgroup.com.


About Office Products International

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