1. Does the Justick surface collect Dust? – Like on any other surface dust will collect. The Justick surface has a neutral polarity to the environment so it does not attract dust to its surface. However, dust that settles on the surface of Justick will remain and may resemble a pattern.

2. How do I clean the Board? – Adhesion can be affected by a dirty surface – in most cases the board can be wiped with a dry cloth or damp cloth without the use of chemicals. To remove oil and fatty marks a small amount of normal soap can be used on a damp cloth – make sure to wipe all residue soap off with a clean damp cloth where after the board must be wiped with a dry cloth – adhesion will return to normal after a few minutes. A microfiber cloth is ideal for wiping the surface.

3. Life Expectancy? – The Justick products have been constructed from materials that will survive the expected environmental conditions, as well as wear and tear through use. Although the Justick surface is made of durable materials, avoid using sharp objects from cutting, puncturing or scarring the surface.

4. Warranty? – Our products carry a standard 2-year warranty.

5. Can the Boards be Harmful? – The Justick technology is safe. The design and patents cover critical aspects of safety to ensure that it is not harmful. It is however important to follow the normal precautions with regards to installations where mains electricity is being used to power the unit. Follow instructions and disconnect from mains before cleaning the Justick surface.

6. Battery Life? – Justick is designed to be optimally efficient with regards to energy consumption and on battery (alkaline) power, the unit should operate continuously for up to 9 (nine) months. Batteries available on the market differ greatly and Justick suggest using Alkaline batteries for ultimate performance. When mains power is used the batteries are left on standby and battery life is considerably longer as it is only used during the time the power is off.

7. What happens when the power goes off? – All Justick products are designed to operate off batteries and mains power. When mains power is used, the batteries are left on standby. Whenever the mains power goes off, the battery power is used, and products will function as normal.

8. How do I know when the battery is flat? – A warning light will flash as the battery power runs low giving the user enough time to change the batteries.

9. Is the battery rechargeable? – The Justick products does not recharge the battery, although rechargeable batteries can be used. Future designs may include rechargeable, AAA as well as solar options.

10. Can I leave it outside? – The Justick surface is not primarily designed for outdoor usage. Although it will function outdoors various conditions such as heat, humidity, rain and wind can affect the functionality.

11. What happens when it gets wet/high humidity? – Justick is not designed to operate in humid conditions. If the Justick surface is wet, it will affect the adhesion performance. More specifically, adhesion will be affected if any object such as paper becomes excessively damp.

12. What is the effect on CD’s or Credit Cards? – Justick will not damage CD’s or Credit Cards and their data. Justick provides an electro-adhesion force which is a Non-Magnetic and Non-invasive force, which holds flat objects evenly and firmly across its entire surface without damaging them at all.

13. What will stick on a Justick board? – Any material, paper or objects with a flat surface will stick to Justick. Certain plastics and damp materials will not adhere efficiently to the surface.

14. What various options is the Justick surface available in? – The Justick surface is currently available in either a matte black surface, or a white matte surface.

15. What about non-standard/custom products? – We prefer to keep to our standard catalogue, but custom orders can be considered based on MOQ.

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