Justick International (Pty) Ltd, a South African registered company, invented and patented the Justick electro-adhesion surface.

The South African market was used as a base to pilot production, gauge market perceptions, and establish world-class quality products. Justick products have been extensively tested in the market and the success has led to an international expansion strategy with distributors across the globe.

It was no surprise that Justick received several awards for its hugely innovative technology at America’s largest invention trade show, INPEX 2006:

  • Justick received a gold medal in recognition of innovative excellence in the category of Office Supplies and Stationery
  • Justick won the acclaimed XEROX Innovation Award
  • Justick was awarded overall Grand Prix first runner up of all inventions, in all categories In 2006

In 2006 Justick continued to excel by being awarded Best Locally Manufactured Product by the Southern African Association of Stationery, Home and Office Products, competing with more than 7200 trade members.

In 2007 Justick was a finalist in the Technology Top 100 award for Excellence in the Management of Innovation.

In 2010 Justick proceeded to win Australian Promotional Association’s Best New Promotional Product award.

In 2011 Justick was also awarded as the winner for the Desk Accessory category at the Stationary Show in London.

Justick continues to aggressively pursue innovation excellence ultimately leading to an internationally recognized quality brand with world class products to simplify your world.


Justick is a unique and effective adhesion surface. Electrical energy flowing through the surface creates enough Coulomb forces (similar to the van der Waals forces between sub-atomic particles - one of the strongest forces in nature) to attract materials for a variety of purposes.

The Justick surface composition and functionality is a logical alternative to conventional adhesion methods.

Justick surfaces are high quality, polymer based, non-tacky and engineered to be sustainably manufactured and integrated as sub-components into a wide spectrum of end products. While primarily used in the display industry, its application is practically limitless, enabling a myriad of future applications.

Justick meets the high regulatory standards (CE, ETL, CETL, CB) required in global markets as well as all safety requirements for home, office and commercial use.

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